From Love2study founder Giselle Oosterbroek:

I started Love2study back in 2012 to make a positive impact on others by teaching them what I knew about information retention and so our mission empower students with successful study skills and habits, regardless of social circumstances or which school they attend, and despite any learning difficulties they have to navigate through!

Love2study has already empowered thousands of students in South Africa and our tutors are trained, professional, caring and passionate individuals who love teaching and empowering others!

We communicate and connect with students of all ages on their own level and we adapt our teaching approach to the different age groups. Love2study teaches easy to apply study techniques to students of all ages from the 4th Grade up to adulthood. Our successful study methods and habits empower learners, enabling them to take control of their study responsibilities.

Courses in English only.

Classes in Kloofendal, Roodepoort, Gauteng.

Home based courses available in most Gauteng suburbs.

Guarantee on our 1-2-1 study skills courses:

We provide expert tutors and a great learning platform!

That’s why we’re confident you’ll succeed with our methods and so we are happy to offer you the Love2study Study Skills 3 Month Guarantee!

Are you afraid that you won't get everything you need from one of study courses? Or, that our unique learning platform is not for you? It’s very simple:

We'll support you for up to 3 months after the class. This means if you think of a question or get stuck with an issue after the course, we'll help you find a solution.

You like the course, but feel that not all of the material sunk in? Take the course again for free.Our courses includes a free follow-up session (duration approx. 1 hour) during the 3 month guarantee period. This can be scheduled at your request to determine whether the student has mastered the skills. Should this not be the case, the course is repeated again free of charge until the student has mastered the skills!

Terms and conditions apply.